The band ARDZAGANK was founded in 1969.


Artavazd Bayatyan – soloist
Yeghishe Petrosyan – guitar
Vahan Ohanyan – bass guitar
Hrant Asatryan – keyboard instruments
Vachagan Hayrapetyan – drums


These young  classmates performed their first concerts in school, later in university halls, and became very famous and  popular with public in no time. 


In most cases the authors of the music and lyrics of their songs are the members of the band themselves. The members came across lots of obstacles, but the great desire to compose and sing thrust them forth up to international stages.


ARDZAGANK has participated in lots of concerts, festivals and competitions: the most remarkable and prominent of them was the participation in all-USSR GOLD CAMERTON held in 1982, when ARDZAGANK was awarded the FIRST PRIZE.


Throughout 1983-84 the band was frequently invited to Moscow to partake in lots of concerts and TV programmes (Шире Круг, Товарищ песня, Концерт ВДНХ, etc.).


In 1985 ARDZAGANK has given lots of solo concerts, as well as has taken part in numerous concerts, festivals in the range of honor guests. They have been awarded prizes and certificates.


The band has got dozems of songs recorded and not yet recorded.

The song “Tsnundd Shnorhavor” (Happy Birthday) is sung by children and adults; it’s been played at millions of birthdays and till now the song is well-known in Armenia but also in Armenian Diaspora. It’s become a visiting card not only for the band ARDZAGANK but also for the whole ARDZAGANK COMPANY. The song is available in Armenian, French and Spanish.


The band has released two albums – “Hayatsq indz vra” (“A Glance At Me”) and “Erzats”. Only Vahan Ohanyan passed away prematurely; his friends released a CD of his songs in memory of his untimely death.


All the fans of ARDZAGANK can enjoy the solo concert of the band this autumn.  

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