Arrangement is a creation or development of a musical work consistent with the authors conception by using and involving various instruments and voices. 

Your order will be carried out in any genre and in any arrangement style. It can be either electronic, fully live sounding or under combined accompaniment.

Arrangement proceeds in several stages:

- First, the client sends the musical sketches of his work and tries to describe his vision and desires to his best
- Depending on the demand, we select and agree on the choice of the instruments for arrangement and on the cost
- 50% of the cost is paid as a deposit and the work starts
- Since arrangement is a creative process, we consult with a customer about every successive stage of arrangement of the musical work, we agree on all peculiarities ad details with a customer to ensure to keep the appropriate mood, sound and etc. Hence this procedure lasts until the end

Interesting and intelligent instrumentation is the key factor for a good sounding. 

You can always entrust the work to our professionals.

You can order a minus of any song or order a completely new song. 

The cost is discussed individually, depending on the volume and complexity of work.

You can consult with us at any time either on the phone or contact us through Facebook, Skype.

We will be happy to cooperate with creating and performing and newly rising star.

You will receive a Multi-track of the arrangement (separate track for each instrument) with all midi-s.

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