It is a fact that neither a synthesizer nor a sampler instrument can replace a live instrument. Despite the popularity of electronic music, live recordings are still highly evaluated, and moreover, on the contrary, the value has been increasing lately. To make electronic music more attractive the use of recordings of live instruments seems to be applied oftener nowadays.

We can record the following:

string instruments (bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, tar, kanun, etc.)
wind instruments (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, duduk, pipe/shvi, zurna, etc) 
bow instruments (violin, cello, kamanche etc.) 
percussion instruments (drums, dhol, etc.)
Complete groups

Instrument Recording Demo 


Drums, Bass 

Drums, Percussion 

Acoustic Guitar 

Electric Guitar 



Concert Recording 1 

Concert Recording 2

The recording is performed by professional musicians with the use of expensive instruments and modern equipment. 

Price is negotiated for each order and includes musicians fees and studio costs.

You will get the ready tracks in WAV format.

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