Mastering is the final processing of musical material after mixing.

Modern mastering is done in digital or analog method.

Analogue mastering is carried out only with the use of special, sometimes exclusive analog devices (compressors, equalizers, filters), which are quite expensive. We use the Manley Variable MU Mastering, api 5500, spl MasterBay S, spl M / S Master, BSS and other high-class analog equipment, ADAM, B & W monitors.

Digital audio mastering is done by computer software sound editors or through special hardware - software system.

We provide all of the above-mentioned.
Digital mastering - 3000 AMD per minute 
Analog mastering - 8000 AMD per minute 
Restoration - 12000 AMD per minute

Original 1950 recording 1

Mastered 1

Original 1950 recording 2

Mastered 2

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