Mix or a combination. This phase is achieved by mixing a separately recorded tracks in the result of which a final stereo recording is created. It is very important that in the result of the mix all instruments and vocal phonograms used in the instrumentation are distributed so that as a whole they sound in harmony. 

In general, recording, mixing and mastering require the following necessary conditions:

an environment with calculated acoustics, such as studio and/or control room 
proper and accurate monitors
contemporary and high-class equipment
experienced and qualified sound engineer

We provide all of the above-mentioned.

During the mixing the sound engineer works with the volume and the strength of a sound, with a territorial estimation of a sound, frequency spectrum and various effects of all recorded tracks. 

Rock Mix Demo

Jazz Rock Mix Demo

You can send us your musical material for mixing.

But before sending your material for mixing, please be ensured to follow the recommendations and requirements set up for the sent musical material: 

only multi-tracks files are accepted, each track in a separate file
send files from RAR (ZIP) archives, according to the following guidelines

Audio file format is WAV (44100Hz, 24 bit). Each track shall be most loudly, but the top level shall not exceed 0dB. All tracks of musical instruments shall be without processing, i.e. without COMPRESSOR / EQ / DELAY / REVERB.

Audio files shall be marked with correct names. For example, vocal.wav, snare.wav, guitar.wav etc. Be sure to specify the desired tempo of a musical piece BPM. 

It is preferable to send midi tracking.

Demo MP3 (192-320kb) format of a musical piece is required to be sent.

One mixing piece costs 30000 - 50000 AMD.

You will get the mixing for Mastering in WAV format.

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