Nowadays, a professional recording cannot be considered complete without a thorough and detailed vocal processing. This process is called vocal tuning, or as they say, vocal correction of out-of- tune and false sounds.

Even high-class singers take advantage of this opportunity. Vocal tuning is a meticulous and delicate work, especially in cases of a non-professional singer. However, it is generally possible to achieve a satisfactory result.

Our studio specialists have an extensive experience in vocal recording and processing and, we assure you that you will not only be pleased but also be surprised by the result. The process is not done automatically! Vocal tuning is done “by hand” in our studio with the help of licensed software. 

You can record vocals at any convenient time by previously checking our recording hours. You can also send previously recorded vocals for remaking or for changing. 

Vocal tuning includes the following activities:

Tone adjustment (elimination of intonation errors – correction of false sounds) 
Time correction (alignment of syllables with the rhythm) 
Breathing correction (removal of superfluous breaths) 
Unrelated/other sounds elimination (removal of unwanted noise)

Vocal Original

Vocal Tuned

A complete tuning of a single vocal track ranges from 5000 to 10000 AMD.

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