ARDZAGANK STUDIO is highly professional in organizing concerts, presentations and ceremonies /full service/.


ARDZAGANK has been a remarkable Producing Centre from the very first days of its activity. It laid the foundation of Armenian youth music creation. There were numerous talented young boys and girls who composed and sang but no one gave them the opportunity of self-expression and self-introduction. There was no chance for them to be recorded or filmed.


Moreover, the substantial part of our society was of the opinion that Armenian youth music wasn’t worth listening.


The mission undertaken by ARDZAGANK was accepted with great enthusiasm.


ARDZAGANK STUDIO held young performers’ contests now and then. It gave birth to BOHEME song festival. It resulted in the emergence of a number of artists - Lilit Karapetyan, Karen Karapetyan, Arman Bardumyan, Alla Levonyan, Mister X, Arpine Bekjanyan, Samvel Tsovak, Hasmik Karapetyan, Vahe Davtyan, Olga Ayvazyan, Srbuhi Kekejyan, Christine Kekejyan, Artur Galstyan, Sona Avagyan, Heghine Hovhannisyan, Qristine Sargsyan, Lilit Danelian and others. Some of them were faded into oblivion, but actually many of them are quite popular and famous.


For years Yeghishe Petrosyan was the producer of the daily music programme PREMIERA that was being broadcast on National TV presenting the latest music videos.              


ARDZAGANK Producing Centre was one of the first, if not the first to invite world- famous artists and bands to our country from abroad.


With the efforts of our company numerous foreign artists, bands and musicians have been to Armenia with prominent concerts and shows - Valeri Leontyev, Vyacheslav Dobrinin, Layma Vaykule, Valeri Meladze, Marten Yorgantz, Lada Dance, Lika Star, ANDY, Armenchik, Cabriolet, and many others.


ARDZAGANK STUDIO implements commercial campaigns for a number of Armenian commercial firms and organizations and for the ones which have representative centers in Armenia organizing an appropriate advertisement, ad campaign, and specifically oriented concert programs upon request, either outdoors or indoors /e.g. beer celebration, Coca Cola musical campaign, birthday parties etc./.


The technical service of concert programs and presentations is provided by another branch of our company - ARDZAGANK SERVICE.

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